Hamilton is a nature blessed and beautiful town in New Zealand. Hamilton has been home to a large number of migrant populations including Keralites. Early 2000 AD witnessed a rise in Malayalee families settling into Hamilton in search of jobs, to pursue higher studies and to support family. Amongst them were families of the Holy Jacobite Syrian Church that wanted to inculcate the faith, belief and traditions of their ancestors in their families and in the new generation children in the new country that was their home now. The faithful had a deep urge for their own church and to celebrate Holy Mass. The Lord works in amazing ways and by His Grace on the 14th January 2011, under the guidance of the Vicar of the Jacobite church of Auckland, Rev. Fr. Dr. Joseph the first Holy Mass was celebrated in Hamilton. The congregation was formed in the Blessed name of St. Mary. The Holy Throne of St. Peter, on which the Patriarch Moran Mor Ignatius Zaka I, presided; and on which the current patriarch Moran Mor Ignatius Aprem II presides and under the Indian Catholicose of the East, Abon Mar Basilieus Thomas I ; this church in Hamilton grew from strength and began to be known as “St. Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church”. The prayer services started with one Holy Mass being celebrated every month. By Feb. 2011 under the guidance of the new parish priest Rev. Fr. Robin Daniel, regular prayer meetings were held and Sunday classes for children were initiated. On the 22nd of June 2015, the Government of New Zealand granted the church, the Charity Registration making it a significant event in the history of the church. As the congregation grew, the desire to celebrate Holy Mass on every Sunday grew stronger. This need was conveyed to the Metropolitan in charge of the Parish. In due course, on the10th of July 2016, His Grace Rev. Geevarghese Mar Athaniouse, the Bishop, on his maiden visit to New Zealand; decided at the first council meeting held at St.Peter's church in Auckland to accept this need. Under the aegis of St. Mary's church of Hamilton, and the cooperation of other congregations (St. George congregation, Christ church; Mor Gregarious congregation, Whangarei; St. George congregation, Rotorua; St. John's congregation, Wellington; Mor Baselious congregation, Palmerston North) the Parish Metropolitan declared the appointing of an official Vicar for the congregations. As a result of the joint efforts of all the parishioners, on 22nd November 2016, a new Vicar Rev. Fr. Sijo Kallarakkal was appointed. From Sunday the 27th November 2016, the inaugural Holy Mass was celebrated by the newly appointed Vicar Rev. Fr. Sijo and thereafter every week, Holy Mass was celebrated regularly, followed by Sunday bible classes for children. Every year the Church feast is celebrated jointly with the feast of St. Mary on 2nd February. Around 30 families and many students who have come here for higher studies continue to receive blessings from the spiritual services, offered by this church.